RV & Yacht On-Site Services ​

Our Office is conviently located in The City of Lancaster so feel free to stop in and see us!
217 Green St
Lancaster PA 17602

Most Suppliers

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Best Workmanship

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We are a Registered Dealer with most major Suppliers like LCI, Dometic, Norcold/Thetford Suburban, Atwood and Colman/Airxcel
The Definition of con·ven·ience:  a thing that contributes to an easy and effortless way of life.
Here at RV &Yacht On-Site Services we are known to give 110% by going the extra mile to make Repairs and upgrades look factory or better.
We accomplish this by not using the same worn out or stripped screws and or parts and making corrections to small manufacture errors and updates. We do this so when it comes to getting money back out of your investment/RV/Yacht it looks like it has been a good unit with minimal repairs needed, This Makes for a Quick and Easy Sale.

We Come to you with the same benifits as the Dealer!

Why drop off your Land or Sea Yacht to a dealer who can possibly keep it for months before they get around to repairing it?
There is a much better way!
Have the Dealer come directly to your Location.
Most people are surprised at the number of repairs that can be successfully On-Site.
What most Extended Warranty, Manufactures, and Insurence companies won't tell you is you can have a Reputable and Reliable Professional Service Company Come to your location.  
Why Doesn't my Manufacture, Insurence, Extended  Warranty Company or Dealer Tell me this?
There is a really simple answer, They hope the Inconvenience makes you delay the repairs because most of the time there is a cutoff date after the Date of Damage. 


We deal with and have built positive relationships with most major players in the Warranty industry.
There are a lot of things even some of the smartest people do not know about their warranty and what it covers, let's face it as warranty holders we don't use it every day and most of us have not ever read the pages and pages to know what it does or doesn't cover.
Your Lack of Knowledge is what the Warranty Companys saving money hinges on.
Let a Professional handle it for you, We Use Warranty Every Day and know the ins and outs, have built relationships with them and know your coverages.
Long Confusing phone calls asking a million questions about your issues with the unit?
Let us handle the calls and questions This is most companies ways of trying to find a way around your coverage.
Please let us make it as convenient as possible.


The Best way to protect yourself from not receiving enough funds for a claim is   By H aving a Professional Estimate from a Reputable Repair Facility before your assigned adjuster even comes to look at the unit.
By having an estimate before the insurance writes their estimate it informs them You Mean Business they can not pull the wool over your eyes and this speeds up the process.
If the insurance has already written their estimate really low we can still help by filing a supplement 
If you have any questions BEFORE or After filing a claim feel free to call us we will help you protect yourself.